About Us

Hi and thanks for visiting us here at KC Original Creations. I’m Kristen- mom of 2 beautiful babies, wife to an amazingly supportive husband and ER physician assistant. When covid-19 started I never anticipated being placed out on furlough. I worked through the busiest part of the pandemic and then our volume in the ER kept declining, so the next step was furlough. This was not easy for anyone, but in hindsight I’m very grateful for being able to spend time at home with my babies and start this new business venture. What started as just crafting for fun turned into a passion. While I love designing shirts and other objects, my absolute favorite is woodworking. I love being able to turn a plain piece of wood into something completely unique. I am also lucky to have my dad here to help me with anything and everything and teach me all he knows. Please feel free to reach out to us at kcoriginalcreations@hotmail.com if you are looking for something specific. And thank you for supporting our small business!